Responsible Behaviors

Did you know that ... your behavior contributes to your safety and that of others through protective measures against COVID 19?


  • Complying with respiratory etiquette measures;
  • Frequently sanitizing hands with a hand sanitizer product, or with soap and water, available in the establishments;
  • Using the mask correctly, during access, circulation or stay in the establishments, whenever required by the Directorate-General for Health, DGH;
  • Respecting the distance between people, in following current DGH guidelines;
  • Giving preference to an electronic system payment, avoiding physical contact;
  • Favoring means of reservation, online or telephone, whenever the establishments allow it;
  • Avoiding unnecessarily touching on surfaces and objects;
  • Keeping with you and presenting the certificate of vaccination, testing, or recovery, whenever required;
  • Carrying out proactive self-monitoring of health;
  • Not attending public spaces and immediately contacting SNS24 (National Health Service)- 808 24 24 24 if you present signs or symptoms compatible with COVID-19.